Internal and Forensic Auditing

1. About us.

Global Business Standards is a private company in the Supply chain industry as a General Merchant and Business Consultant engaging in buying and selling of goods and services to meet local and global market demands through online and offline.

2. Products and Services.

2.1 Physical Products within these categories;

2.2 Digital and downloadable Products within these categories;

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3. Professional Services in Consultancy and Outsourcing in;

3.1 Management and Structure

Global Business is a pool of talented and Specialized Professionals in the Consultancy and Outsourcing  Industries headed by Dr K. Gyamfi, FCIMS (Doctoral Fellow), the Founder and Managing Partner.

As professionals we focus on;

Advise – Business Advisory in Management Accounting Practice to optimized cost, increase returns, and business growth.

Diagnose – We would help your organizations to better understand issues and challenges through our Business Analysis, Internal Auditing, Forensic Accounting, and other investigative techniques and tools.

Design – We would design solutions to your organizational challenges, by setting up robust Standard Operating Procedures which fixes weaknesses in Internal Control Systems and other weaknesses to reduce fraud and manage risk.

Deliver – We are there to implement solutions to your organizational problems through our clients base Outsourcing Services in Accounting to facilitate solutions to increase your stakeholder’s value. 

Evaluate – What type of interventions does your business need to scale through? We would measure the effectiveness of interventions. Demonstrating evidence of individual and organizational benefits through the core principle of Financial and management practices. 

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