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Style 1: standard 5-meter noodles

Style 2:5-meter wire power supply enhanced version

Style 3:5 meters English export version

This product is to receive WiFi products

It’s like the network card that comes with your laptop

But the reception capacity of this product is about 15 times that of the notebook

With super wall penetration, suitable for desktop computers and laptops

Use this product to match a mini portable wifi can be received with this product, portable wifi transmission share to the mobile phone

Imported leiling 3070L environmentally friendly chip (no radiation)

The receiving distance is accessible under the receiving China mobile local area

Network CMCC is 2500 meters (this needs to register the mobile account and open)

The distance to receive the router’s signal is about 1000 meters, and the 3 walls are about 300 meters (depending on the environment).



Weight 480.0 kg


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