Aerial drone



720P Black720P whiteDual cameras720PblackDual cameras720PwhiteDual cameras1080P BlackDual cameras1080Pwhite4Kblack4Kwhite4Kblack+2battery1PC battery2PC battery3PC battery720Pwhite 3720black 31080pwhite 31080black 34K 3white4K 3black4Kwhite+2battery720Pwhite 1720Pwhite 2720black 1720black 21080pwhite 11080pwhite 21080black 11080black 24Kwhite+3battery4Kblack+3battery

Flight performance:
Flight time is about 22 minutes
Flying distance is about 100 meters
Body battery: charging time 150-180 minutes
Battery capacity: 3.7V1600mAh lithium battery

Size: 30-50CM
Type : Aircraft
Applicable people: no limit
Features: optical flow positioning, high-definition shooting, long battery life, headless mode, one-button take-off / landing, APP control, trajectory flight, real-time image transmission, speed control,
Toy material: plastic
Ability training: manual brain, interest training, senses, emotions, hearing, other ability training, parent-child communication, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys
Remote control method: handle
3C configuration category Toys over 14 years old
Take-off full weight: 250g (inclusive) – 1.5kg (inclusive)
Maximum flight height: 0~120 meters (inclusive)

Subdivision: battery (3.7V 1600 mAh), protection ring, propeller, tripod, positive motor (red and blue line), positive motor (black and white line), fan cap, remote control, charging cable, main body (including upper and lower)

Style: no light flow / 720P (black), no light flow / 720P (white), optical flow dual camera / 720P (black), optical flow dual camera / 720P (white), optical flow dual camera / 1080P (black ), optical flow dual camera / 1080P (white), 4K camera / optical flow (black), 4K camera / optical flow (white)

Weight 350--505.0 kg

720P Black, 720P white, Dual cameras720Pblack, Dual cameras720Pwhite, Dual cameras1080P Black, Dual cameras1080Pwhite, 4Kblack, 4Kwhite, 4Kblack+2battery, 1PC battery, 2PC battery, 3PC battery, 720Pwhite 3, 720black 3, 1080pwhite 3, 1080black 3, 4K 3white, 4K 3black, 4Kwhite+2battery, 720Pwhite 1, 720Pwhite 2, 720black 1, 720black 2, 1080pwhite 1, 1080pwhite 2, 1080black 1, 1080black 2, 4Kwhite+3battery, 4Kblack+3battery

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